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Data Management goes beyond simple data transfer; it's a versatile data hub. It allows for one-time data ingestion and synchronization across multiple systems, each with customized mapping. Our user-friendly portal allows you to track, edit, and manage data flows, ensuring precise control over who accesses and modifies your data.

Our robust User/Role Management system lets you define access levels for staff, vendors, and Managed Integration Service Providers, ensuring secure and controlled data handling.


Once logged in to your account, you can navigate to our Marketplace of Integrations, where you can Subscribe to Certified Integrations. This process allows you to enable integrations quickly and easily so that you can start flowing data in and out of the hub.

Not seeing the software you need in our marketplace? Our Open-source SDK allows our partners to quickly build out a new integration certified to our standards and tailored to your needs.

Data Maps's data hub utilizes dynamic and customizable data maps to transform and translate incoming data, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with all your subscribed services. Similarly, as data is transmitted from our hub, these maps adapt it to meet your specific requirements, ensuring it reaches its destination in the exact format you need.


You can easily toggle on and off Webhooks, allowing you to decide what types of data will automatically flow to an integrated piece of software, from that piece of software, or bi-directionally.

Error Logs

Data exceptions, errors, or API connection issues can occur for a wide variety of reasons. logs these in real-time and can notify you proactively via email, Slack, and other communication channels. We’ll keep retrying to transfer the data until it flows successfully or you dismiss the error. Our platform makes it easy to see where the issue stems from in our logs and has debugging tools to get to the root cause of the problem quickly and easily.


The Approach

Joseph Duke, our Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect, explains how goes far beyond data integration.

Joseph Duke Founder and CEO


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