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For almost 20 years we have built our business on partnerships, both with companies that support the service arm of technology, and those who build the tech platforms that power business. One of our tenents is: "Put in more than you take out," and we commit to that mantra with every partner in our network. We’re looking for a win-win engagement that empowers your team and your clients to take advantage of what can do for your business in two primary partner categories: Managed Integration Service Providers (MISP) and Technology Partners.

Managed Integration Service Providers (MISP)

Our MISP network connects platform-certified service companies with end-users to provide a predictable and scalable offering to manage end-to-end data integrity. Rather than managing integrations internally, the MISP network removes the challenges of data workflow and assists in third-party application vendor management.

MISPs come from any part of the tech service industry, especially in the space of trusted advisors in key platform service agencies, Digital Transformation consultancies, Managed I.T. services, or interim CIO offerings.

Becoming a part of this program primarily means helping clients manage the accuracy and integrity of the integration ecosystem so they don’t have to. MISPs have access to integration dashboards and metrics that help audit the health of the integration ecosystem in real time and assist in the management of third-party vendors to eliminate confusion and finger-pointing when troubleshooting.

In addtion, certified MISPs can build applications and integration protocols using as a platform. These applications can be listed in our marketplace and become part of the ecosystem of products and services.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners develop the platforms and applications that clients use to power their business. Working together with our team, Technology Partners can utilize to provide a number of benefits, including:

Application Provider

  • Simplify data migration for smoother onboarding and integration.
  • Offer the complete marketplace of pre-integrations as part of your value offering.
  • Reduce integration risk when aquiring new business. Stop commitments at your API and let our network of pre-certified integrations and partners work with your channel to take care of the rest.
  • Focus just on what you do best, rather than solving your clients’ full technology puzzle.
  • Recommend SaaS Integration Services with predictably low up-front and ongoing costs.

In addtion, Technology Partners in the ecosystem can showcase supported products and applications in the Marketplace, bringing awareness of your compatibility with our technology as our clients chose and update exisitng applications for their business.

Marketing Partnership

  • All Technology Partnership Benefits plus:
  • Co-fund marketing initiatives targeted at shared net-new business.
  • Access list of customers who have subscribed to one of your technologies.
  • Shared strategic marketing data.

PoweredBy Partner

  • Leverage the power of the integration marketplace from within your UI portal.
  • Revenue share on originating accounts.
  • Increase market penetration with PoweredBy integration services for business development Technology Partner.

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