Next Generation iPaaS Functionality
and Performance Monitoring

We are setting the curve in the world of iPaaS with a visionary approach to your or your customers’ distributed architecture.

We’ve built our platform with a user-first apporach designed to give you or your MISP the kind of real-time data around your systems’ communications previously unheard of as part of our standard automation. Built-in intelligence and dashboarding, along with intuitive dynamic integrations that can be added in a modicum of the time it took in the past, means you can make decisions about what systems you use and how you use them with a 360° visibility you didn’t know possible.

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Advanced Reporting​

When every system stands alone, it is hard to identify the source of common problems to your technology ecosystem. That’s why provides performance reporting on all of your integrated applications. You will be able to compare the most active applications, the slowest applications, applications that cause the most errors, or have the greatest cost impact to your network. You can even identify systems that leave other systems in a prone state. This managed services offering will aid you in keeping distributed architecture operating at peak performance.


Integrated Digital Signage by Google and enables you to present real-time content from directly to a TV on your wall. Imagine monitoring your integrations, volume and statuses just like you do with Google Analytics or your other managed services like network equipment, servers, and workstations.

Staging Environment Included offers private staging areas for testing integrations or modified configurations. This is very useful when preparing to replace an application or when preparing for an upgrade.

With a few clicks, you can create a copy of your production settings into a private staging environment. Adjustment your settings and connect to lab applications. Perform your testing until ready to launch.

Switchover is easy. Just ask to promote your staged environment settings into production.

Private and Dynamic Integrations provides a fully configurable ability to create private access integrations from wtihin the portal. All dynamic integration features comply with offerings as if they are natively supported integrations.

FTP Import and Export

Want your data in a custom formatted CSV, JSON, XML?
You want it delivered to your application server?
You want to stage data from a legacy system for pickup by

No problem. provides features to configure Importing and Exporting of data on a one-time or scheduled basis.

Scheduled Tasks

A scheduling feature enables you to manage activity by timeframes. You can FTP Import or Export, or designate which timeframes are acceptable to process API requests by application.

Monitoring and Communications

Events such as Error can trigger escallations to responsible parties alerting them to take action. enables you to receive those communications directly or you may invite 3rd party delegates (typically companies who you have an SLA with for the product) to recieve communications on your behalf.


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