Middle-market to Enterprise

If we were you, we would want to know about our ability to scale to meet demand and the security to protect your interests. Here you go.

iPaaS.com makes it easy to extend yours or your customers distributed architecture with a first-class integration toolset.
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Service Fabric with Horizontal Scale

We leverage the powerful Microsoft service fabric on Azure to perform all operations within iPaaS.com. This gives us access to one of the world’s largest infrastructure networks for unlimited access to power. Critical micro-services are designed for asynchronous processing and built-in monitoring tools measuring output performance. Whenever a service is reaching tolerance due to increased demand, iPaaS.com automatically creates a duplicate service to handle the additional load. In this manner, it is possible for iPaaS.com to run 2 or 200 or even 2,000 or more of these processes simultaneously in any given hour depending upon the demand.

Compliance with NIST 800-171

NIST 800-171 refers to National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-171, which governs Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in Non-Federal Information Systems and Organizations. It is essentially a set of standards that define how to safeguard and distribute material deemed sensitive but not classified.

iPaaS.com performs an annual self-audit for compliance with the published guidelines.


Although MISPs may be invited by customers to help manage their accounts in iPaaS.com, it is important to note that the Authentication and Authorization services provided by iPaaS.com limits access to cross-tenent data (except an error dashboard which aids diagnostics). Furthermore, MISPs are limited to only the features which they are permitted to access by the inviting user.

MISP relationships may be revoked by the user at anytime.

Third-party Delegates have no relationship with iPaaS.com for the purposes of delegate responsibilities, therefore they will never have access to user information. They are only permitted the ability to control preferred communication settings and/or to decline participation.


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