Retail was born from 19 years working in retail systems and building integrations between every facet of the product, customer, and transaction life cycle. Providing an omni-channel experience for your customers is critical to retention. Beyond that, you need full access and visibility to your data across all of your sales channels and inventory locations to make the kind of visionary business decisions that foster growth and innovation. At, we know retail.

Complete Omni-Channel Coordination


Know everything about them: what sells at what margin through what channel in real time.


360° view of your customers to provide an experience that rivals national brands.

Full Transaction Life Cycle

BOPIS, BORIS, BOSS, and every other critical acronym synonymous with sophisticated customer experience.

Spice it up

hue lighting

Signal Phillips hue to change the ambiance of the store or signal clerk actions such as New Store Pickup ready for staging.

3PL and Distribution

Route fulfillment intelligently regardless of the order origin.

Digital Signage

Personalize store exit messages with loyalty purchases or display instant digital promotions.

Your customers connect to you through many applications. To be competitive, you need those applications communicating intelligently.

Integration maps have gone the way of the dinosaur. If you’re working with a tangled web of arrows in your data map, you’re working without true data intelligence. With, you’re tying data to business outcomes, rather than to hardpoints in systems. Arrows connecting systems can’t make decisions, and operate as mini-sledgehammers when a string of bad data gets loose in the system. With you’re instead applying smart decision making at every critical data juncture, with a partner that can help you have the highest integrity of your end-to-end dataflow.


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