Alerts for errors and the tools to address them in real-time.


Transparency of dataflows and application performance, all through our UI.


Easily add or change technologies and modify dataflows.


Tired of endless customizations?
Look no further.

Time to leave connectors behind.

Point-to-point connectors between all of your technologies can lead to a never-ending headache, including…

  • When you add or change a technology
  • Try to track down the source of an error
  • Reliant on a particular developer and their proprietary code

And they typically create a maze of technical debt!

Our hub and spoke approach enables you to monitor and manage your integrations from one platform at a predictable cost. 

Hub-and-spoke to rule them all.'s paradigm-shifting standards control how your data flows and integrates between stacks — with ease.

Our breakthrough API-first platform puts strategy, reliability, and your business in the driver's seat.

  • No more endless debugging.
  • No more black box integrations.
  • No more bottomless budget.

The Bigger Story is not just about better dataflows, it's a revolutionary model for redefining and fundamentally improving the way the integration ecosystem works. brings standards to a world of custom, redefining the currently bloated development model, and realigning technology with efficiency for the sake of your P&L and sanity. is designed with a robust UI to easily transform data flows for your specific needs. A wide selection of partners are available to assist and help.


The Approach

Joseph Duke, our Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect, explains how goes far beyond data integration.

Joseph Duke Founder and CEO

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