Managed integration Service Provider (MiSP) Partnerships

Agencies, system integrators (SIs), managed service providers (MSPs), and other organizations that assist Subscribers with tasks, such as:

  • Reviewing a Subscriber’s integration needs
  • Scoping the implementation
  • Producing a project plan
  • Implementing to the customer’s requirements
  • Assisting with testing and QA
  • Helping with data exceptions
  • Adjusting data maps and integrations

To help our MiSPs build a strong relationship with and provide the best possible experience to our Subscribers, we provide a wide range of resources for our MiSPs, including:

  • Training, certification, and hands-on support from the team
  • Sales enablement and co-selling support
  • Reciprocal lead sharing from
  • Opportunities for case studies and co-marketing
  • Resources such as Slack Channels and Sandbox accounts
  • Introductions to other partners
  • Market Development Funds (MDF)
  • Financial incentives, and more!

Tech Partnerships

We work closely with software publishers and SaaS companies to meet the needs of our respective customers, and to build awareness of our unique capabilities. Tech Partners enjoy benefits including:

  • Technical communications for planning and improving integrations 
  • Assistance with launching new integrations in the Marketplace
  • Co-selling and co-marketing resources
  • Introductions to other partners
  • Financial incentives, and more!

Integrator Partnerships

While the team has created and maintains many of the integrations in our Marketplace, our open-source SDK makes it easy for our partners to create and submit new integrations. These can be used privately for a specific client or can be publicly listed in the Marketplace.

Publicly listed integrations can be made available to Subscribers for free or for a fixed monthly fee - integrators have the choice. Integrator Partners enjoy benefits, including:

  • Training and assistance with the open-source SDK
  • The ability to generate a recurring revenue stream from listing fees for your integrations
  • Referrals when Subscribers need new integrations written
  • Resources such as Slack Channels and Sandbox accounts
  • Introductions to other partners

Strategic Partnerships is always open to mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances. For instance, if your business has clients that can benefit from our integration platform, but you’re not seeking to become a MiSP, we can still partner to support your customers.

We’re always open to discussing how our teams can succeed by working together!


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