How did this leadership team overcome their digital transformation challenges?

Meet the team of BuyLow SellHigh Off Fifth (BSoF). A twelve-year-old company that began as a regional distributor of home items and accessories, today BSoF is a national brand with its own private label line, a growing online B2C business model, and several destination sites chosen as potential brick-and-mortar locations. Growth was steady for their first several years, and their leadership team was in lock-step. Today, however, diversification in their channel sales and a need for omni-channel customer experience is taking take its toll. The mounting cost of technology and maintenance of an ever-confounding web of integrations and systems that don’t communicate well together has created a series of cross-departmental breakdowns that the team can’t solve on their own. Read more to learn how Pat (CFO), Brook (Operations), Kim (CMO), and Ajay (CIO) solved their technology challenges and returned to their own areas of expertise to get BSoF back on pace for success.

Brook (Retail Operation)

"I am a retails ops expert, not a technology manager, but that is what my job had become."

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Pat (CFO)

"When product differentiation was enough we were a rock-solid company, but..."

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Ajay (CIO)

"I’ve done this before. I just need alignment internally and"

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Kim (CMO)

"The very last story you want to tell as CMO is ‘I’m sorry.’"

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