A Better Framework Strategy

Discover the key parts of iPaaS.com's architecture that make it a simply better approach to systems integration; one that serves the needs of your business first.



Data Normalization

As data arrives in iPaaS.com, it’s normalized to follow data standards. This allows our platform to better identify the sources of data errors and exceptions. It also empowers our hub-and-spoke architecture to be able to ingest data once and orchestrate it to several different endpoints. 

Low-code UI

We’ve separated the roles of writing integrations for our Marketplace and utilizing our modern User Interface (UI). This gives visibility and control of integrations to non-developers while allowing more technical teams to write new integrations for our Marketplace.


(Microservices, API-first, Cloud Native, Headless)

Our platform has been architected using Microservices. It’s API-first, Cloud-native, and allows you to transmit data between your various software systems. Our solution is fast, reliable, and resilient so that your data is always flowing efficiently, and your business operations are like clockwork.


As part of our MACH architecture, we’ve built our platform to autoscale automatically. That means that if you’re trying to process large quantities of data quickly, such as during a flash sale event or a major product catalog update, iPaaS.com won’t slow down your business operations.

Real-time Data Transmission

Rather than rely on batching out on a schedule, all data transmissions are processed through a queueing system. Data can sync in real-time, or as fast as your 3rd party software can process the data based on rate limits and any throttling that you may need to set in our platform.

Data Transfer Optimization

Our hub and spoke model cuts down on redundant and unnecessary API calls. Our webhook support allows you to listen for data that needs to be processed, rather than constantly polling for changes. Our hub-and-spoke model allows you to transfer data to our hub once, and send it to multiple destinations, rather than writing multiple integrations to the same piece of software to send the same data to all of your endpoints.

The iPaaS.com Approach

Joeseph Duke, our Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect, explains how iPaaS.com goes far beyond data integration.

Joseph Duke
iPaaS.com Founder and CEO


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