Open-source SDK

While we have a robust Marketplace of integrations, we’ve made the process of integrating other software transparent and straightforward. Our open-source SDK gives you the ability to create a new integration by following a defined step-by-step process.

We always recommend checking with us to see if the integration you’re looking for is already in our roadmap, or if we can recommend an Integrator Partner that can help you build it.

New integrations can be used privately or can be listed in our Marketplace and made available to other users.

Integration Certification Checklist

The team reviews every new integration that’s added to our Marketplace, including those written by our partners.
Each must include:

  • Default mapping collections to get you up and running quickly
  • Ability to add API keys or oAuth support to get the system connected quickly
  • Ability to turn on or off webhooks to start or stop the flow of data
  • Support for error logging so you can make sure the data makes it to the right destination
  • Documentation to ensure your users know what to expect from the integration

Become a Partner

Partnership is at our core. Learn more about how can support you.

ROBERT RAND Chief Partnership Officer