Your data - whenever and however you need it

We believe that your data should be accessible in each and every way that works for you and your business needs. That’s why provides an open-source REST-based API as well as an SDK. 


  • Customer: Track customers with their addresses and associate them with companies.

  • Employee: Leverage to communicate with external systems about a company’s employees’ and their timesheets.

  • Gift Card: Visibility into gift card creation and activity.

  • Integrator: Create and update integrations via the API.

  • Listener: Interact with the logs.

  • Messages: Used for broadcasting messages from to third-party systems (i.e. errors to Slack or Microsoft Teams).

  • Product: Use to transfer product information inclusive of variants and kits. Use centralized category trees to ensure products are merchandised appropriately. Track inventory at multiple locations and groups of locations as well.

  • Reporting: Used to pull various data about subscriptions, hooks, and systems. 

  • SSO: Authenticate with the API and change accounts if needed. Update user roles and permissions.

  • Subscription: Designed to create and manage templated integrations between and third-party software.

  • Webhook Reciever: Configure an integration to authenticate via oAuth and parse any webhook that external systems send to

  • Transaction: Use to transfer transactions and associated data (line items, shipping, tax, addresses, payments, and notes) between various systems.


Looking to develop a new integration for We provide an SDK for you to build an integration to be listed on our marketplace.  

Ready to take the next step? Learn more about our Integrator Partnerships and the process of certifying an integration into the Marketplace, or apply to Become an Partner.