Hub-and-spoke over bespoke

Standards make it so.

With its hub-and-spoke approach, has introduced much-needed standards to a world of custom and costly development for data integration.

With our platform, you get:

  • Seamless, integrated omnichannel dataflows
  • Ready-to-use templates for faster data mapping
  • Flexible data maps that you can tailor to your needs
  • Easy-to-use UX/UI (low code/ no-code)
  • Total logging, error monitoring, handling, and reporting is built from the ground up to efficiently realign your technology for the sake of your P&L and sanity.

(Re)introducing: simplicity. has removed the bloat from the data integration model, building a platform from the ground up that serves your business needs first. See how we differ from legacy platforms.

Seamless, integrated
omnichannel data flows synchronizes data across multiple platforms and applications, ensuring consistent data exchange and integration across your entire digital ecosystem. 

Ready-to-use templates for rapid data mapping

Our platform offers a wide selection of pre-configured templates, enabling quick setup by mapping data fields between different systems without the need for extensive customization. 

Customizable data maps

Users can modify and configure data maps to align with specific business processes, allowing for the customization of data flow paths and transformation rules within the integration setup. 

Intuitive UX/UI for all skill levels features a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionalities and visual data flow representations, making it easy for users of varying technical expertise to create and manage integrations. 

Comprehensive logging and error management

Our platform provides detailed logs of all data transactions, coupled with proactive monitoring systems that identify and report errors, offering insights for troubleshooting and ensuring data integrity. 


The Approach

Joe Duke, our Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect, explains how goes far beyond data integration.

Joseph Duke Founder and CEO

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