The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available to Subscribers with an active subscription that, according to the Subscriber’s Licensing Agreement, is bound by this SLA. Accounts such as sandboxes, development, staging, demo, or non-production environments, and certain beta, legacy, and reseller accounts are expressly excluded from this SLA. For the SLA terms to apply, the Subscriber’s Account must be current (i.e. no payments to are past due) and must not be subject to a cancellation or termination notice. This agreement automatically ends when the Subscription/License agreement is terminated. 

1. Service Availability 

a. Coverage and Definitions 

The term “” is defined as the integration platform supporting data storage and data orchestration between certified integrations and upon which new integrations to third-party systems are built. 

The term “Service Availability” is defined as the percentage of a particular calendar month (based on 24-hour days for the number of days in the subject month) that “” was available for access. 

Service Availability does not include minor, cosmetic, or documentation-related issues, UI access issues, or enhancements that do not impede the flow of data in or out of the platform, including integration errors reported by the platform.  In the case of a core feature issue, reserves the right to make a viable workaround available to the Subscriber. 

“Scheduled Maintenance” does not factor into Service Availability. To ensure the Platform uptime and keep operating optimally, it is necessary to perform regular, routine maintenance (“Scheduled Maintenance”) that, on occasion, may affect Platform availability. 

Scheduled Maintenance occurs as needed on Tuesdays between 4-8am ET.  

Although not guaranteed, will typically be unavailable during this window for less than 120 minutes. reserves the right to schedule additional Scheduled Maintenance on an emergency basis with six (6) hours' notice, for not more than eight hours at a time. 

Any interruption of  1 minute or less shall not be counted or considered under this SLA. 

b. Service Level 

Subject to 1c and 1d, if in any month the Service Availability is less than 99.5%, shall provide, as the sole and exclusive remedy, a credit to Subscriber calculated as a prorated amount from the subscription charge for the affected subscription using the following formula:  

($____ monthly subscription  X   ___% of downtime = ____ credit) 

Example: Assume a Subscriber is paying a $4,995 monthly subscription and experiences 8 hours of verified Service Level Failures in a month with 30 days. $4,995 monthly subscription * (8 / 720 hours) downtime = $55.50 credit. 

c. Exceptions 

Subscriber shall not receive any credits under this SLA in connection with any failure or deficiency of Service Availability caused by or associated with: 

  • Circumstances beyond’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, force majeure, acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, armed conflict, embargo, fire, flood, strike, or other labor disturbance, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications or third-party services including cloud hosting providers and 3rd party APIs, virus attacks or hackers, or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies, or power used in or equipment needed for the provision of this SLA; 
  • Scheduled maintenance, upgrades, and emergency maintenance; 
  • Any DNS or Domain Registry issues outside the direct control of including DNS and Registry propagation issues and expiration; 
  • Subscriber’s use of the Service in a manner not authorized in the Subscription/Licensing Agreement; 
  • Subscriber’s acts or omissions (or acts or omissions of others engaged or authorized by Subscriber), including, without limitation, custom scripting or coding (e.g., CGI, Perl, HTML, etc), any negligence, willful misconduct, or use of the Subscriber’s account in breach of’s License Agreement; 
  • Acts or omissions of other Subscribers (or acts or omissions of others engaged or authorized by other Subscribers) sharing the affected server(s) with Subscriber, including, without limitation, custom scripting or coding (e.g., CGI, Perl, HTML, etc), any negligence, willful misconduct, or use of the other Subscribers’ account in breach of License/Subscription Agreement; 
  • Outages elsewhere on the Internet that hinder access to your account. is not responsible for browser, DNS, or other caching that may make your account appear inaccessible when others can still access it; 
  • User error, whether by the Subscriber or others engaged or authorized by the Subscriber, including issues with Subscriber content and/or the improper configuration of integrations and data tools within the platform. Under this SLA, is responsible for the uptime of the Platform only, not for resolving individual data errors or issues that may arise in the normal operation of an integration; 
  • Outages and issues with 3rd party software, such as the software the Subscriber is integrating through is not responsible for the uptime and proper functionality of 3rd party software and APIs; 
  • Any Individual Integration implemented within the platform, whether private and exclusive to a specific Subscriber or published on the Integration Marketplace, may experience downtime during or after updates, maintenance and/or feature changes being deployed. Under this SLA, is responsible for providing developers the toolsets to facilitate Integration development and deployment but is not responsible for the uptime and proper functioning of individual Integrations nor their deployment, nor errors experienced during deployment that may result in an extended period of downtime. 
  • Network outages, other than issues occurring on networks under the exclusive control of 

d. Credit Request 

In order to receive a credit, the Subscriber must make a request for credit by filing a support ticket with Each request in connection with this SLA must include the dates and times of the unavailability, a description of the perceived problem, and must be received by within ten (10) business days after the unavailability. If the unavailability is confirmed by, credits will be applied to the Subscriber’s account within 30 days of’s receipt of the Subscriber’s credit request. 

The total amount credited to the Subscriber in a particular month under this SLA shall not exceed the total monthly recurring fee paid by the Subscriber for said month for the affected Services. Credits are exclusive of any applicable taxes charged to Subscriber or collected by and are Subscriber’s sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any failure or deficiency in the Availability. 

In the case that the Subscriber has paid their subscription on an annual or other non-monthly basis, credits shall be calculated based upon the portion of such payment that would apply to a single month, after any discounts or promotions. 

E. will use best efforts to ensure that the Uptime Percentage in any calendar month is at least 99.5%. In the event fails to achieve a 99.5% Uptime Percentage for three (3) calendar months in a row, the Subscriber shall have the right, as its sole and exclusive remedy for any such failure, to terminate the Subscriber Agreement. 

Reviewed and updated as of January 2024.